Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bruises a-go-go

So Monday was my last pole dancing class. It was 6 weeks of hilarious fun and lots of bruises. I ended up with, what one housemate desribed as, legs that looked like someone had attacked them with their thumbs. I have bruises on the tops of my feet and also on both inner thighs/knees and a fabulous one on my left thigh (outer). But, the best bit is, they don't actually hurt. Well, not much anyway. But they look really impressive. They're varying shades of purple and orangey-red and green. I'm quite proud of them, I have to say.

I got to practice going upside-down on the pole on Monday. I did pretty well. I didn't smash my head into the ground and was able to get onto the floor in a pretty elegant way. I think that upside-down is going to be one of my favourite kinda of things. It requires strength and a little bravery, and it looks very cool.

I recently read an article on about pole dancing. It was an opinion piece about how women doing pole dancing were fools. I was quite taken aback. The article, summarised by me, went along the lines that women saying they were 'reclaiming their femininity' or were making a feminist statement by doing pole dancing, didn't know what they were on about. Thing is, I don't think anyone in my class would claim they were doing pole dancing to be more feminine, or to make a feminist statement. I think they'd say they were there to have fun, get some upper body strength and laugh like idiots. I know that's why I'm there. I love that I'm getting stronger arms and abs, I love dancing around like a fool to crappy music and I love the gymnastic ability required for the class. I'd say it'd be much like doing an acrobatic/circus class, something a little different, that requires somewhat acrobatic skills. Much fun as going to the gym is (and I really enjoy it), my pole dancing class is so much fun. I'm not doing it to impress a man, I'm not doing it to land a man (already got one), I'm doing it because it makes me happy. Buh, anyway, enough justifying my new habit, I love it and that's the most important thing.

What else is news I hear you ask? JJF and BT moved into their new place yesterday, along with Bailey the black Labrador. They are now literally stumbling distance from my house. And with their surround sound and yo-yo tricks galore, I don't know how often I'll be at home. I'm still quite giggly about the whole thing. I got to ride JJF's scooter from his old place in Torrens, up to the new place. It was quite scary, scarier than I'd imagined. I think it was because it was so windy last night. I nearly got blown off on Adelaide Avenue. But I made it safely, and realised that I quite like my own scooter, even if it does have a smaller engine.

Last night was also our Xmas at my house. LJS had her parents around. I had the boys over and SKW had J and N with her. We all ate dinner separately, but dessert was a shared affair. SKW had made sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and we ate that, along with icecream. It was heavenly. LJS had also bought a chocky cake, so we were well fed. It was a lovely evening, Bailey was there too and all three dogs played with each other. Bailey and Tikka had a small fight, and it looks as though Bailey is top dog among those three. It'll be interesting to see them play more over the next while, as I'm sure Bailey will be at our house quite a bit.

I totally scored in the present stakes. LJS got me a lovely Vespa diary thing and a swivel chair for me to use for sewing. SKW got me Degrassi High season 1 on DVD. I spent this morning watching a little bit of it as I sewed, sitting on the new chair. It's still as classy as ever, which means, not at all. But it does deal with a lot of 'issues' that faced teenagers in the late 80s/early 90s. The fashion is pretty astounding, go the mullet! BT and his lovely g/f GT also got me something, yay! It was totally unexpected, but totally useful. I got a new wallet. My old wallet from RU, while lovely, has not had a functional zip for quite some time. It was time to retire it, but I was just waiting for the sales. No need anymore though! The new wallet is red and snazzy.

That's all that's news from my world. Except maybe the dizzy spells of the last few days. But it sounds like a lot of people have been getting them, so maybe it's something to do with the weather. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow to get it checked out. Probably just a minor ear infection or something. We'll see.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Riding my scoot- lots of fun

So, I went for my first 'ride' on Sunday. I have pretty much only had my scooter as a means of getting around. A cheaper option than a car. But I have some swing dancing friends who have motorbikes as a fun way of getting around. They also have cars! So, it was decided that we should all go for a 'ride' together, somewhere out of Canberra a little way.

We decided on Tidbinbilla (I hope I've spelled that correctly) and rode out there. It was quite hilly and we were travelling for the most part at about 80-85km/h. That way my scooter could keep up with the other bikes, I've worked out my absolute top speed is 90km/h and that's downhill. It was probably around the halfway mark that I noticed that my petrol reserves were a little low, or rather, a lot low. We made it to the big dishes, but there was no way I was making it back to Canberra, or even to Tharwa, another 20kms away to get petrol.

I'm now forever indebted to my friend Stephen. He found some hose from the security guys and syphoned out petrol for me. First, from his own 1300cc bike into my scooter, and later, because it was too hard to get the petrol flowing, from Kristina's 500cc bike into a coke bottle. He filled the 600ml bottle three times and all of a sudden I had a lot of petrol in the tank. We made it safely back to Canberra and I hit 90km/h on the way back into town, on a hill, probably with a tail wind.

It was so much fun, riding with other riders, nice and safe in the middle of the pack of 5. The weather was perfect for riding, blue skies, a few clouds and a lovely 27 degrees, lovely. The riding did, however, make me want to get a bigger bike. Say a 250cc scooter, something that can do 100km/h no worries. But the sensible side of me knows that is silly. I'm only in Canberra for another 6-7 months and once I'm back in Melbourne, I don't know that I'll need that much power. The little 100cc should do the job admirably. So, I just have to cope, knowing that my riding could be a lot more fun, out on the open road, if I had a bigger bike. I promise Mum that I won't use my insurance money to buy a new scoot, I promise!

The riding part of the day ended at Gus' Cafe in the city. I nearly lost my mouthfull of food at one stage though. Stephen told us about how he'd once headbutted a duck. The duck had been flying up in front of his bike, and hadn't made it high enough. It smacked into his helmet, but continued up and I'm pretty sure survived. Funny, funny stuff. I've been hit with bugs before while riding. I've even had a bee in my helmet. But I've never headbutted a bird before. Nor do I think I'm likely to. I'm sure there's time enough for that in the coming years of riding.

Sunday was a lovely day out with the gang of swinging riders. 2 scooters, myself and JJF, 3 bikes, Stephen, Marianne and Kristina. Perfect weather and great friends who looked after me and made sure I could make it back home. I think next time I might ask Stephen if I can ride pillion on his bike. That thing is enormous. It's like sitting on an armchair. Totally cool and really noisy.

Another note about the scoot, riding and the like. I passed my Ps test a few weeks ago, but only managed to get myself to the motor registry yesterday. So I am now officially a P plate scooter rider. I just have to attach the P plate to the back of the scooter and I'm ready to roll. It took some 25 mins to see someone though. Luckily, I'd brought some sewing with me. I'm in the process of repairing a dress I made VE for her birthday last year, the lining had come a little loose and one of the straps was also starting to come away from the dress. In that 25 mins, I not only fixed those problems, but I also read about 1/3 of a paper. It turned out to be a rather successful wait. I'm now waiting on my housemate to turn up with some cable ties from the mouse house. I'm going to use them to attach the P plate.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Hooray, and champers all round! I got two clones that are the right thing. All that is left is to send DNA to Adelaide for injection into flies, sequence said DNA and run around the lab screaming "WHOOP!" at the top of my lungs. No more cloning for me (it would seem) and lots of fly work and other things. I love molecular biology today. And in accordance with a request by VA (supplier of awesome chemically competent cells) I now renounce my love affair with electro competent cells and wholy embrace chemically competent cells as the way of the future. I shall use them forever more for my cloning endeavours and agree that they are much better and more efficient than their electro siblings.

speedy mc-speedster

Yesterday was an excellent day, for the most part. I had a meeting with my solicitor, about my personal injury claim. Looks like I only have two things left to do before we can settle. I have to visit an 'independant medical expert' and have my shoulder assessed. I also have to get some kind of documentary evidence that my thesis was put back by about 2 months due to the accident. I think my supervisor might be able to help me out there. Must remember to ask, and ask nicely. Once this is done, NRMA will make me an offer, I'll pay the solicitors for their work and whatever is left over is mine. Huzzah! Fingers crossed it'll only take another couple of months or so.

I had colonies on my ligation plate yesterday morning and am in the process of confirming whether they are the right thing or not. I've grown up 12 of them and am digesting the DNA now. Give me an hour or so and I'll know whether I've finished cloning for my PhD or not (assuming the sequencing goes well). This is a bit of a milestone for me, as I may have mentioned previously, so that's cool too.

We had a farewell lunch for Nelida yesterday. She's a lovely Chilean woman in her 70s, who has been working at RSBS for 30 years. She is a phenomenal support, both scientifically and emotionally. I'm going to miss her hugs and advice. But, I figure she's probably allowed to go and do something other than work in our lab. The lunch was in the botanical gardens and we were visited by many water dragons. I'll post pictures once I'm organised.

So those were the good things about yesterday. Now for the amusing and not so great bits. My scooter decided that everywhere I went yesterday, I was travelling no distance and at 0km/h. I hoofed it down to the scooter repairer and it was a simple job to fix. The speedo cable had fallen out of it's place and wasn't connected properly. I got it all fixed up and I now know how fast I'm travelling. Which is useful. The other shitty thing yesterday was the evil headache that came upon me at about 4pm. I think it was my usual PMS headache, turning up a few days late to confuse and irritate me. It didn't go away, even with drugs. But, sleep killed it pretty well.

So yeah, yesterday was mostly good, but also a little shit. I'm hoping today will give me DNA to sequence and good flies to work with. Fingers crossed it'll also bring me chocolate, finished Xmas present shopping and a lovely early night. Man, I'm such a nanna!

Monday, December 11, 2006


I am now a P plate scooter rider. Woo! Be very scared Canberra. I'm not sure why, as nothing has really changed, but it sounds scary. It was ridiculously hot over the weekend here in the 'berra, and continues so today. It's also really smoky. I think that's because of the fires in Victoria. Which means that smoke has travelled at least 300kms, if not more to be here, obliterating our view of the sky. It's supposed to rain today (50% chance according to, I'm hoping that will bring the temperature down and get that smoke out of the sky. But Canberra, being Canberra, it won't rain and I'll have to suffer through another pole dancing class in the ridiculous heat. I mean, how am I supposed to grip the pole properly when I'm so sweaty I slip right off? My new short shorts are going great guns though, sufficiently short for class. I still won't wear them in public though, they are only on display at home and inside the pole room. On the street, they are covered by my Draggin' cargo pants. I don't really think that the world at large is ready to see the pasty pale whiteness that are my thighs.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Goodbye cloning? Hello flies?

I may be finished with my cloning. For those non-molecular biology types, that is cutting up and sticking pieces of DNA back together. I just have to make sure that I have what I want (which I should know by Monday or so) and it's no more silly ligations that don't work for me. No more competent cells, that are more incompetent than anything else. It'll be just a lot of genetics, fly crosses, virgins and lay plates. Lots more work in the fly room and on microscopes. It also is a significant point that I can mark off in my diary, on my way to the completion of an awesome thesis.
Mind you, with all this cloning nonsense I've been getting up to of late, my Xmas shopping is somewhat non-existent. I have the sum total of .5 of a present. I have no idea what to get some people, and not much of a desire to go shopping. Oh well, no doubt they'll all end up with something in the end. I may even get my housemate's xmas bag from last year finished before this year's celebrations. Fingers crossed! It's cut out and just needs to be sewn together and a lining found. Maybe I will get some of that done over the weekend.
The good news of today is: a dear friend of mine (mother of the quilt boy) is pregnant with her second child. Due sometime in (guessing here) late June/early July. I'm so incredibly happy for her and her family. She's an excellent mum and a great friend, even though we hardly see one another.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I hate molecular biology. That is all.

just to let you know

My short shorts aren't short enough. I have a number of fabulous bruises from pole dancing. It's heaps of fun, but my shorts need to be shorter. I'm going shopping on the weekend to get myself some super short shorts. I'm very glad the class only has women in it. And that I ride my scooter to class with my long cargo scooter pants. The super short shorts will only see the pink lights of my class.

Monday, November 27, 2006

No longer a learner?

I have booked myself in for the provisional licence test. As of (fingers crossed) the 9th of December, 2006, I will no longer have L plates on my scooter. I have been riding the scoot for almost 2 years, practically every day. Aparently the test isn't hard. I'm still nervous though. I wouldn't bother going for the test, but after the 2 year mark, if you haven't done the P's test, you have to do the Learner course again. And that costs $220 or so. So, being a cheap bastard, and probably riding okay, I'm going to try and get my licence. Wish me luck, press your thumbs, or cross your fingers for me. 9:30am, Saturday 9th December,2006.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

three things I didn't expect to see last night

I went out for dinner last night with a couple of lovely ladies from work and today's seminar speaker. We had lovely food and some rather nice wine. And apart from getting knocked every so often as people walked past our table, I had a lovely time. After dinner VA dropped me back at our building so I could pick up my scooter and go home. Once I'd gone upstairs and collected all my gear I made my way back to the carpark to get said scooter. Here are the three things I really didn't expect to see, in increasing order of unexpectedness.
-my office mate coming into work (at 10pm) to continue writing up her thesis
-a black cat and two tabby kittens
-approximately 8 chinese people, wandering as if lost

I was quite taken aback by these 8 people wandering through campus. The only thing that made sense to me is that they were tourists/visitors staying at uni house and were checking out the campus because they were jet lagged and not tired. But of course, for a nanna like me, 10pm is late, and I'd had a headache all day yesterday. So I don't know that I was thinking too clearly.
Today I'm without the headache, which is good. But I've upgraded to crampiness, so I'm not sure that I'm pleased.Fingers crossed the gym will help that. I'm determined to go today. No lab work is going to get in my way! And tonight I'm off to the amateur pole dancing night at the ever-so-classy lot 33 in Kingston. Woo!

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's raining, it's pouring and I'm going pole dancing

It rained yesterday, and it's pissing down today. I have been able to borrow my housemate's car (she's sick with tonsillitis and isn't going anywhere). I think I should complain/comment about the lack of rain in Canberra more often, we might actually fix the drought right there. I was just on the Bureau of Meterology's website checking out the radar scans. We are in for some serious rain in the next hour or two. Hooray! It does, however, make me more homesick than you'd expect. Grey cloudy day? Rain? Homesick. Oh well, only 8 or so months until I can move home, or so I hope.
Yesterday was a movie extravaganza at our house. Due to the sickness of the housemate, and the exhaustion of me (in the lab until 10pm on a friday night, woo! go my social life), we decided we'd stay in all day and watch DVDs. We watched:
- March of the Penguins
-Mrs Henderson Presents
-The Family Stone
-Take the Lead
Actually, it was just me watching Mrs Henderson and The Family Stone, someone else needed a nap. The evening was capped off by a trip to the supermarket in the pouring rain to get supplies. I got groceries for the week and spent up big, due to the space afforded to me by the car. The housemate, LJS, got herself supplies for making chocolate fudge. It was a lovely trip, sad as that may sound. I quite like doing the 'late night' trip to the supermarket for supplies. Bread is always really, really cheap at that time of day. 50c for a loaf of wholemeal bread, yum! The whole day provided a lovely break from the lab and thinking about my thesis/lab work. I was almost planning a trip in, just to collect virgins but was told in no uncertain terms by the other housemate, SKW, that that just wasn't on. And I'm so glad I decided to stay home, I'm actually keen to be back here and I think the break did me good. I think there should be a new rule, 1 day off per week, or else.
Anyway, rather than drivel on about that for longer, I'll drivel about something else. I'm going to my first pole dancing class tonight. It was supposed to be taught by a friend of mine, but she switched her classes around. I think that it might actually be better to not be in her class That way if I hit my head on the pole or fall on my arse, my lab won't know about it immediately. I'm quite looking forward to this class, and a little apprehensive. I want to know, how short do my shorts have to be?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

um.... sorry

Kidney beans are some of my new favourite foods. Along with chickpeas and anything green and vegetably. Problem is, too many kidney beans make for some stinky times. I'm so lucky I don't share an office with anyone at the moment. I feel sorry for my supervisors, we're having a meeting in 20 mins and I can't promise it won't be fragrant. Uh oh!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things that make me smile

I was heading over to get a massage today (something that makes me smile) and was reminded of something else that makes me smile and occasionally giggle. There are quite a number of speed humps on the ANU campus. People who own stupid lowered cars quite often have difficulty getting over them if they drive straight at them, lots of scrapeing involved. So they have to drive over them at angles and really manouvre the car in an awkward fashion to get across safely. I find it really quite amusing. It's even funnier in Manuka (local cafe strip) when they are using the opportunity to show off the car to all those sitting outside. Simple things amuse simple minds I suppose. Still, it's funny.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I got my second flower in 7.5 years

My boy is not big on giving flowers, he doesn't like 'giving something that is dead' as a gift. Which I kinda get, but I kinda don't. Because I really like getting flowers as gifts. Here is my second flower in 7.5 years, and actually in about 1 year too. I was very impressed by his sneaky way of getting it to me, via VE. She had to carry it from Melbourne on the plane and present it to me in Brisvegas. Thanks mate!
flower close up

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tikka, I don't think I'm in Melbourne anymore

I realised today why I cannot consider myself a Melbournite anymore, and have to concede that I'm a Canberra-type person. I no longer carry an umbrella with me everywhere. When I first moved here, and indeed for the first 18 months or so, I had an umbrella in my bag at all times. You just never know when it's going to rain. But I've learnt that there may be rain forecasted for Canberra, but that means nothing. You have about a 10% chance of rain. However, in Melbourne, it will rain if there is rain forecast, simple as that. This weekend, there is rain forecast for Brisvegas and Canberra. I don't have an umbrella with me for my trip up north, I'll probably need it. I don't think I'd need it if I were staying at home. My prediction for this weekend, it will rain in QLD, it won't in the ACT. I've been here too long, I don't carry an umbrella with me anymore. I don't even know where mine is!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm going to a wedding!

Two lovely friends of mine are getting married this coming weekend, in Brisvegas. I am quite looking forward to going up north and seeing all the people in that friendship group and getting myself a little tipsy at the reception. I'll be using the opportunity to catch up with a number of lovely people. VE of the 'vagina hot chocolate' fame. EE and ME, newly married couple. MB, who I haven't seen since last Xmas and am dying to catch up with. I'm also having dinner with the boy's Dad and girlfriend (the Dad's girlfriend, not my boy's, that would be weird). I'm a little bit scared of the boy's Dad, so lord knows why I decided it would be a good idea to have dinner together. I'm hoping we can discuss motorbikes and dogs, and not academia and science. I've got a few instructions from the boy about subject areas to avoid. His motorbike, marriage, his PhD. I think we'll be safe. I think if I need to feign illness, I am quite capable of doing so.
I don't have a wedding present, as my presence is their present (as it even says on the invite). But I will be giving the bride her 'red toe socks'. Part of the collection. I hope she likes them, they look like this:
RU socks

EE will also get her socks, and MB. They are the following pairs:
EE socks
I'll leave you with something I saw at a craft shop yesterday. It disturbed me, but then I have a dirty mind.
my dad is bigger
Maybe it's something specific that kids in Canberra say to their friends? I just don't know.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

a comedy of errors

I had my scooter accident about 6 and a bit months ago. My scooter went in for repairs a total of 3 times, the final time being today. I am hoping when I get there this afternoon that there will be a scooter that is fixed for me. I really do hope that. Here is some of damage that was done in the accident:
headlight damagebrake lever damage
There was some other stuff done to the foot rest area and the mudguard, but I haven't uploaded those photos to flickr yet. Anywho, I took the scooter in about 3 weeks ago now to get it all fixed. YAY! Unfortunately, the company had sent the wrong colour parts, doh! Fortunately, they were couriering (is that a word?) the correct parts over and I could pick up my scooter in a couple of days time. Unfortunately, the courier was late and it didn't get done. so, last week I took the scooter in again, everything except the mudguard got replaced. Unfortunately, the company had sent the wrong model mud guard. Today, my scooter is getting a new mudguard that is the right colour and then all will be fixed and well. I'm almost sure of it.
In other news, I have managed to get myself sunburned on two consecutive Sundays. Two Sundays ago it was my head while dancing at the Kingston Markets. This Sunday it was while I was walking up Mount Pleasant. I took a photo of the 'mountain' from the other side of the lake, the day of the scalp burning incident:
view to mount pleasant
That's the carillion (spelling?) on the right there. It's some kind of bell tower thing. I think.
Here is the view from the top of that hill:
view from mount pleasant
You can see the following in this photo: the captain cook memorial jet, black mountain telstra tower, the monument given to us from the US, and right at the back, the museum. It was, as you can see, a very clear and sunny day, I should have been wearing sunscreen. This Sunday I will definitely not get burnt, I'm almost sure of it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

one day I will be more sensible

One day I will be more sensible and not tell my aunt about anything personal of mine, like this blog, or photos I have online that anyone can see. Then I won't have to deal with the comments that come from a woman with evidently too much time on her hands and a sometimes nasty mind. With great respect Matriarch, I'd rather you didn't try and be 'amusing' at my expense.
In other news, I am in the lab on a Sunday, trying to get some useful work done.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

thoughts from the head of me

My mind was blown yesterday. I was buzzing like a very large buzzing thing, and not just because I'd had too much caffeine. I went and saw David Suzuki talk about his life. He's in Australia promoting his autobiography. It was a fabulous talk that was far too short, despite being 1.5hours long. I could go on and on about it, but time constraints mean that I can only tell you a few things about it.
-I got Dr Suzuki to sign a copy of my 'an intoduction to genetic analysis' textbook. It was my textbook for my second year genetics course. The first time I'd managed to score a H1 (first class honours) grade during my undergraduate years. We briefly discussed my PhD topic!
-I found out that long distance relationships where the female partner moves away to study do work.
-I'm totally inspired now to do my bit for the world. Not that I wasn't trying already, but it was just inspirational to hear him talk about all the things that had happened in his life to do with conservation. So inspired.

In other news, I was shopping in the local mall recently. I was thinking about getting some makeup or something similar to aid my appearance at a friend's upcoming wedding. I'm not much of a girly girl and rarely wear the stuff. While wandering through the cosmetics section of Kmart (yes, I'm the last of the big time spenders), I saw the concealers. It reminded me of when I was 12 or 13. I went with a friend to Greensborough Plaza. I wanted to get some lipstick. She got something pink, I wanted something 'natural'. With my absolute lack of makeup knowledge, I ended up buying concealer. The stuff you are supposed to cover zits with. We went to the ladies to try on our purchases. I can only imagine what the other women using the facilities must have thought of me, trying on my 'lipstick'. No wonder I've never really gotten into the whole makeup thing, it's too confusing. I think I'll rely on my small collection of makeup items to beautify myself at the wedding. It's all too much effort. I may not even bother. 2 weeks to go today until I leave for Brisvegas. Wish me fun and no sunburn.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

oh dear god

this is a better version than the one I heard on this morning. But not much. They scare me and that's 4 mins of my life I'm never getting back. Update: here is the version, ouch!

I now know how to get rid of telemarketers

My aunt regularly sends me links to various things she has found amusing. She sent one such thing this morning. how to get rid of telemarketers

Thursday, September 21, 2006

my dogs are so cute!

So, I was looking through the gallery that the boy has set up on his computer at Monash. I saw some photos that I took recently while I was in Melbourne, on his camera. My brother and I had taken the dogs down to the park and they were frolicking and enjoying themselves. I found the most adorable picture of them that i think could ever exist! It's lovely. So rather than tell you about my insurance victory or my cloning victory. I'm going to show you my baby bears. So sweet!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I have green shoes

What more is there to say? Today I am uninspired and lacklustre. My PCRs did not work. My dancing thing was a bit of a flop, with too few people. I have blisters on my feet inside the shoes because I was stupid enough to dance on concrete. I just want to go home, go to bed, wake up and it be tomorrow already. So enjoy my green shoes, I'm going to try and muster some enthusiasm for tonight's class. woo.
green shoes

Monday, September 11, 2006

5 months, 5 years and 76 years -September 11

Hello again all (all 3 of you). I'm back from Melbourne and back into the daily grind that is my life in Canberra.

Today has multiple significances for me, as the title may suggest. Today is five months since my accident. Five months since my shoulder and elbow were sore and grumpy. Five months since I got out of lab meeting (and I've got another one tomorrow!). I'm pleased to report that my shoulder is almost completely healed. I've only got the tiniest bit of pain left and it's almost as though it's just in my mind. I'm most impressed. The physio doesn't want to see me for about a month and I think when I see him again that I'll be declared fit for anything. Or at least my shoulder will be.
Other good news relating to my accident is that my insurance company have determined liability in my personal injury claim and I'll be getting all my medical expenses covered. I'm so incredibly happy about this. It's the first time in the whole situation that I've really felt believed about the whole thing. They agreed with me, I did absolutely nothing wrong. Huzzah! It's going to be great, getting back the money I've already spent on physio, it's something like $700 or so. Enforced savings can be great sometimes.

Obviously, five years ago today was 9/11. I'd comment on it, but don't really feel qualified. It didn't affect me personally, at least not directly. I didn't know anyone who died, wasn't friends with anyone who knew someone who died. It's all pretty removed from me. That said, I think it affected a lot of people, at the time and still now. I still remember where I was when I heard. I was at the boy's place (which at the time was in West Brunswick) and we were watching the late news on Channel 10 with Sandra Sully. I think I may have been snoozing, I'm hardly a night owl and he was probably working on his computer. We watched it all for a while and after a couple of hours (?) fell asleep. The next day I was in at uni in the Genetics Dept and that was all anyone could talk about. At home that night, the only thing on TV was coverage. It seems as though a big deal is being made over the 5 year anniversary. I have friends who are in NY today, will have to ask them what it was like. Whether it was any different on the anniversary.

Today is also a good day! Today my Opa turns 76. He's my only grandfather left now. He's a fabulously funny man who I'm sure will be enjoying his birthday to the full. Probably taking Monty for a walk (he's a jack russell), perhaps going to the club for lunch and having a nice day with Oma. I'll give him a call this evening and find out if I'm right. Happy Birthday Opa! I hope it's full of good fun and I'll see you in a few weeks.

I could continue with other news about what has been going on. But I can tell that it will no doubt result in me crying behind the keyboard and not getting any work done for the rest of the day. So, I will leave the update for after my lab talk and just note down a few key points here.
I spent a month in Melbourne, spending time with my grandma. She was at home, with an oxygen mask, shirtloads of morphine and a hospital bed. She died on the 7th of August at around 8.45am. Her funeral was that Friday.
My parents left the same day to go overseas on a trip they'd been planning a long time. They got caught up in the Heathrow incident (much amusement all around).
My housemate LJS is in Peru, as of last week. She sounds like she's enjoying it and I have her car while she's away. Huzzah! No scooter for a month.
My friend JJF is in the states with my other friend MT. They are going to the all balboa camp in Detroit, after sampling some of the delights America has to offer. I expect to hear much about the stupid mongy things they will get up to.
I went to the "Corowa" conference, this year held in the Yarra Valley. Was also good fun.

Updates on all these adventures and the like later, I have a lab talk to write!

Friday, June 30, 2006

That might be okay for laughing person

Okay, so I wrote a long post, it was great, but I kinda didn't save it and then lost it. So this will be a pared down version of the same thing. I have been back from Melbourne for just over a week. It was an excellent weekend away. There was the mad dash to get myself some shoes for the wedding, after I realised the shoes that were 'in my old wardrobe at mum and dad's' weren't. There was the pre-wedding overview of my MC duties with the groom, which included watching Father Ted and drinking vodka. There was the delight at seeing this imgp1781
at the wedding. It's my brother with his scary and funny handlebar moustache. With only this moustache, a pair of sunglasses and a beanie, he managed to make sure that no-one sat next to him on the train a couple of weeks ago. Go tiger go!
There was the reaction of the family to 'the dress'. My cousins and I used to dress up for the grown-ups when we were kids and perform. We'd make up skits and then act them out. I can't remember content, but I can remember that my cousin Keiran (now a married father of two) always used to wear an old ballgown of my grandmother's. I found the dress at my aunts and after some adjustment to my less-than-ample bosom, we had a dress that fitted. Everyone was most impressed and recognised the dress. Well, those of us who were old enough to remember. Keiran didn't seem too upset that I'd stolen his dress. Here is a photo of me in the dress, standing next to the previous owner/wearer, Grandma.
I, unfortunately, do not have any better photos of the dress (with me in it) at the moment, so this'll have to do. I'm banking on someone else at the wedding having taken a better shot at some stage. I certainly remember posing for one or two.

I had a good time MCing and didn't swear once, if you don't count bugger as a swear word. I think it all went pretty well and the food was excellent.

I had the good fortune to be able to catch up with some friends over the course of the weekend. MF and her beautiful son Jack came over for lunch and we had some yummy bagels while Jack scared Sheddy the local cat who likes to come and visit. Sheddy evidently doesn't like babies, actually, I don't think any cats like babies. He decided against joining us for lunch.
We had dinner, the same night, with newly married couple EE and ME and with good friend VE. It was Mekong for mains, noodle soup all around and Max Brenner's for dessert. EE ordered a choc/orange hot chocolate that looked like this:imgp1831 VE made a comment about it's appearance. Apparently, it looks like a vagina. We giggled to ourselves about this. But were laughing very much out loud when EE's husband took a sip and said 'that tastes familiar'. We, according to the boy, laughed so loud that the entire restaurant was looking at us. I think EE was a bit put out by that, so apologies mate, it wasn't directed at you. We just have dirty minds.

In other news, I have knitted a fair few pair of socks in the last couple of weeks. JJF finally got his red socks:DSCN2189
which are slightly different reds. I ran out of the first lot of wool without finishing the first sock. So I made them kinda similar, with the body of the sock being one colour and the toe being the other colour. I think I'd forgotten that dye lots could vary so much and that JJF has really big feet. But it's all fine, he's colour blind so probably can't really tell the difference between them anyway. I have promised to teach him and my housemate SKW to knit in the near future. I think we'll be starting with scarves and beanies.
I've also started on a sock knitting project. I have a group of really good friends, who are currently dispersed all over the countryside. I am making us all pairs of socks that have red toes (the linking factor) so we can remember that group of friends, even when we are a long way away. It's a bit daggy I know, but I want to do something to make these people remember me! So, I have just received foot size from RU, finished the socks for MB (who's birthday it was this week) and started on the socks for VE. Once I work out how big size 7 is in European sizes, I can get started on EE's socks too. Here are the completed and semi-completed socks.

Next time I'll tell you a tale of mountain climbing and shoulder repair.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm sick, so photos!

Here are my gorgeous, 1920s style T-bar shoes. I got these at a bargain price and they were perfect to go with my 1920s style dress that I wore to a wedding in Tassie. The next photo is of the shoes that I bought recently to make myself feel better, but on the feet of the bride from the wedding in Tassie, if that makes sense.
pretty, yes?
Next up, my brother and I, see he's the tall one, I'm the short one. But I'm older, I promise.
me and my brother
From the same night, but a different perspective, my dogs. Hamish first then Macbeth. Hamish certainly does love feet and Mac loves snuggling. Which do you think is cuter? I know which one is smellier (mac).
hamish loves feetmacbeth#1

And finally, I'm looking forward to meeting again the person for whom this quilt was made. Jack Peter Forbes. I've been friends with his mum for quite a number of years and we're catching up on my next trip to Melbourne. Apparently, he loves searching for the cat, the dog and the car. This was so much fun to make. Lots of squares, lots of handsewing (I hand pieced this quilt) and a mad search for some nice flanelette for the back. Enjoy! Fingers crossed my brain will be once again functional next week and I can produce more than photos.
jack's quilt

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

there were going to be photos. . . . .

I had intended to post a whole bunch of cool photos today that i'd found of craft projects, my brother (he's quite the silly and tall) and my dogs. But flickr is having a massage or some shite, so I'm stuck with words yet again.
Today's theme is my immediate family. They are great. Really great.
My mum is a worry-wart, but I know it's only because she cares. She has the same passion for Pride and Prejudice as I do, and the same passion for knitting and sewing. I guess it's hardly surprising, perhaps it would be more correct to say that I have the same passion for those things as her. In any case, we can craft shop until the cows come home, and then we can sit at home with our purchases and watch Colin Firth for hours too.
My Dad doesn't necessarily look after himself as well as I would like sometimes, but he certainly keeps a keen eye out for me. I can rely on Dad to give me sensible advice and to consider all sides of the story before coming to a conclusion. Again, he has the same passion for science that I do, or rather I share his passion for science. We studied pretty much the same areas of study during our respective BSc's but mine was just 30 years later. His former lecturer runs the lab next door, and gave me a chocolate today. Dad would always let me stay up past my bedtime to watch Quantum with him on a Wednesday night.
My brother can bug me like no-one else and has some 'interesting' ideas. But he completely understands my sense of humour and the ridiculous. He and I share a delight in jazz and rhythm, I as a swing dancer, he as a drummer. We, obviously, have a shared history and as such can understand each other better than a lot of other people. Friends of mine have often been surprised at how well the two of us get along. We, at least from my perspective, have a really good sibling relationship and are pretty close.
Recently, I've been reminded of how good my immediate family are. Dad has been calling (now that he's employed again) from work and updating me on Grandma's position and advising me on various issues. Mum has called from home to let me know similar things, but from her perspective. PK has also called to get my advice for his girlfriend, A, on attire for the upcoming wedding and to discuss sneakiness (more on this later). Mum flew from Melbourne to Canberra as soon as she could to look after me, after my accident. Dad followed shortly afterwards. I'm very lucky to have such a nice family, very lucky. So, thanks Mum and Dad for looking after me and PK so well and creating a pretty kick-arse group of adults (and pet dogs).

Next post. . . . . . . . .pictures of the dogs and the craft and the brother and the other stuff that is interesting and cool and not so sappy as this crap.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday evening musings

This weekend has got me pretty tired. I've been on a mission to get black velvet ribbon, about 4 cm wide. Does Lincraft have any? No. Does Spotlight have any? No. Do any other fabric shops in Canberra have any? No. It's ridiculous. I think I'm going to have to get the boy to go and get me some from his local Spotlight (assuming they have some in Melbourne). But the other thing that is making me tired, is my late night last night and the walk up Mount Taylor this morning. Seeing as they are in chronological order in that sentence, they will be in the following description.
Last night was an excellent night. Just enough of a mix of some excellent, and sometimes scary, dances and the social element that I love. I had some wonderful chats with my fellow swing dancers. Topics ranged from comparison of poor vision to our mutual delight of the dance known as Balboa. My vision isn't nearly as crap as I thought, but I'm about the only one with crap vision who actually wears glasses. The rest of them are contacts people. I'm far too lazy for contacts, but was wishing Saturday morning that I had some. (couldn't find my glasses because I wasn't wearing them, which is the evil paradox of poor vision) I had a few really nice Bal dances with DC from Sydney and also with JJF and some regular lindy hop dances with A and J. Lots of fun. I was given a Lincraft voucher (they know my heart well) to thank me for my time on the committee, which I recently quit. And to top the evening off, some students from my Monday night class that I teach with CP turned up and had a good time. YAY! Excellent night.
Unfortunately, an excellent night is quite often a late night. So after about 6 hours sleep, I woke up to get myself ready for the walk up Mt Taylor. After a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, JJF, myself, UW and SKW made the trek up the STAIRS OF DOOM and looked down over the cold wintery, windy Canberra we had this morning. I don't think my thighs will be thanking me tomorrow, I think they will be trying to find ways to cripple me, so I will never do that to them again. Next time we go up those stairs I'm getting a photo to prove how evil they are.
So I'm now just sitting in the lab waiting for a few things to get sorted out before it's off home to sleep until next week. I will probably dream about stairs that say they lead to black velvet ribbon but actually lead me to more stairs and more stairs.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

random shite

I went to a dancing thing last night, it was a 'masters class' and then social dance with Dax Hock. Admittedly, I decided against doing the class, I was worn out and Dax isn't exactly my cup of tea. He's a fabulous dancer and the like, but doesn't really inspire me. Instead I was door bitch extraordinair and ended up having an hour long chat with another dancer about this and that. It was a good night, especially because I didn't have to ride the scooter and I also got a couple of really fun social dances. Yay social dancing.
So today, the plan goes as follows:
-dissect gential discs from 3rd instar larvae
-fix said discs
-go to spotlight for velvet ribbon and some goldy-greeny thread (for 'the' dress)
-hang out and knit/handsew with JJF
-head off to the dancing birthday party

So, in the land of crafting projects I have a few on the go, alas no photos, maybe one day. I have the socks for JJF, one is already completed and has been confirmed as a sock that fits. I have the petticoat to wear under 'the' dress, all it needs now is a hem. I have 'the' dress alterations to allow for my lack of bosom. And I'm desperate to make a moebius scarf and have found some yarn that would be fabulous for it here after reading about it on this man's blog. I'm totally stealing his idea/project, but the yarn sounds fantastic and too good an opportunity to miss out on. Hooray for the internet and purchasing thing via it's international goodness.

Something else I've wanted to get onto is stenciling, as seen around the place, using freezer paper. Alas, Australia is somewhat lacking in freezer paper, unless you count the stuff that they charge exorbitant prices for in craft stores. I'll have to wait until I'm next in Melbourne to steal some from my Mum, who got some from a friend on their way back from the states. It will happen, I'm sure of it. Then I can make a t-shirt for my cousin that says 'phwheat' and another that says 'muscle beach is cheese'. He'll love both of them I'm sure, well at least the first one.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the good and the bad

So I had this post all sorted, all was well with the world and I was all systems go. Unfortunately, a couple of days go past and everything changes, of course. So here, at the start is the good stuff that's been going on, and it has been quite good. The bad stuff follows it and has kinda been clouding my view of the good stuff. Enjoy

My brain has been working in the last little while. That excites me.
People have been really nice to me in the last week or so, that is also exciting. I knew I loved autumn for a reason. So today, here are some reasons why I'm happy and feeling great:
1. my birthday was a resounding sucess, I turned 26 at 4.32pm on Monday 15th May. My sneaky mother got me a scarf that she bought while visiting me in Canberra. She took it all the way back to Melbourne and then posted it to me for my birthday. My brother sent me an excellent DVD for my entertainment. The boy bought me some 'kateporn' which consists of TV series that I love, including things like, in this case, press gang. But also includes series such as kath and kim, little britain, hamish macbeth, pride and prejudice and coupling. He also wrote the sweetest birthday card I've ever received. This was all topped off by the fact that I was able to wake up next to him. Mmmmm, yum.
2. My midterm review that I've been stressing over and spending inordinate amounts of time on has come and gone. It went well, they're letting me continue with the PhD, I will get a floppy hat eventually.
3. The physio doesn't want to see me for two weeks! How good is that? Much as I adore the amount of evil pain that man inflicts on me once a week, every week. The fact that he doesn't want to see me can only mean my shoulder is getting better. Albeit slowly, but it is getting better. Give me another month and maybe it'll be good again. Here's fingers crossed.
4.I was a replacement dancing teacher on Tuesday a little while ago. One of the students came up to me at the end of class and told me that I was the reason they started dancing. I inspired them. That was pretty cool, I have to admit. Sometimes it's nice to have someone recognise something you do creatively as being rather good.
5. The birthday note I received from my grandma was fabulous, as was the present. She wrote how proud my grandfather would have been of me and how proud she was of me. Really means alot.
6. I'm going to be MC at my cousins wedding on the 17th June. Quite looking forward to it. Especially as I'm going to be wearing 'the' dress. More details on that one later, don't want to spoil the surprise, but photos when it's finished and gorgeous.
7. I heard from lots of friends for my birthday, with cards and phone calls and the like. They've inspired me to do a sock inspired crafty friendship thing, more details on this later too.

I really have a lot to be grateful for, and it's delightful that I have all this goodness around me. However, after seeing my grandma the weekend before last, I've been a bit down. She was having difficulty breathing and was coughing a lot. After examination by the doctor on Monday, she was sent to hospital. Long story short, it's about 99% likely that she has lung cancer. It sucks because I really don't want her to die, but it seems that she might do so sooner than I thought. While it is really sad, I have to look at the bright side. 6 kids, 13 grandkids (at my most recent calculation) and 5 great grandkids. She was married for 55 years to a fabulous man. Grandma is an exceptionally intelligent woman and I'll miss her. But she's given me a lot of memories and skills.

So, to finish up, life is both looking up and down at the moment. I have a lot of things in my life that are great and fabulous, but one thing that is sad. But I'm determined to keep reminding myself of the good stuff. Good friends, good family, good food.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Dogs and knitting

Last night I got home a little later than usual, working in the lab until about 8pm. My housemate LJS had some friends over for a baked potato dinner. I was invited to join them and may I say, she makes an excellent baked potato. So, two other friendly type dogs were in the backyard with our favourite Tikka, Casper and Torren (Tikka's brother). Tikka and Torren are both husky/kelpie crosses and I think Cas is a dalmation/kelpie cross. Those dogs love playing with a ball, I managed to snaffle a couple of photos of them, all excited by the prospect of being able to chase a ball around our quite dark backyard.
casper, tikka, torren
so from left to right you can see Casper, Tikka and Torren. They are quite attentive when they need to be.

throwing the ball
Here's my famous action shot. The tiny soccer ball is able to hold their attention like nothing else. They ended up all covered in each others dog spit, except Casper, who managed to avoid all the slobbering.
All in all last night was quite the girls night. My other housemate SKW, got back from a date with the biggest grin on her face. We all sat around and chatted until it was quite late for we 'early to bed' types. We were momentarily distracted by the TV when the subject of persistent arousal syndrome was raised. Apparently some women (not sure about men) are in a reasonably constant state of arousal, and it's a physiological condition. The only solution is orgasm. One woman broke up with her husband because she couldn't talk to him about it. Another one was quite aggressive in a sexual way with her husband, somewhat. . . .demanding? We were all intrigued, but unfortunately didn't really get much more information out of it as we ended up being distracted again by the dogs.

Onto other things, I finished writing up my mid-term review today and felt reasonably good about it. But now I'm mentally drained and ready for more sleep. I think I'll head to the gym though and get rid of some of my tension. I've booked myself in for a massage on Monday to work out the kinks in my shoulder. I figure it should be worth a go, just to help with the healing process. Can't hurt anyway, or in other words will probably hurt like buggery (assuming I knew what that was like) but may be ultimately beneficial.

If time permits tonight and the brain function returns, I might continue working on my lace scarf that I started many months ago and abandoned in despair. Who knew knitting on small needles with mohair would be difficult? And making that lace pattern, difficult? Certainly not me, it actually requires concentration and counting, hmmmm, maybe not tonight. But here are some pictures I took of it this morning in the rather glorious sunshine that Canberra is blessed with. Pity the temperatures aren't as nice as the sunshine.
lace scarf #1

closer up view of scarf

And while I think about it, I really have to get some more Ray Charles music. I watched the movie Ray again on the weekend and loved it the second time as much as the first. That man was awesome. I've been using 'Hallelujah, I love her so' and 'Hit the road, jack' for my swing classes and they are fabulous for dancing to. Oh, and 'let the good times roll' that has some great breaks in it. Got it on my iTunes at the moment while I type this up, awesome. The copies of these songs I have though are from a really crappy compilation CD with poorly recorded live songs. I'm determined to get myself a CD of decent quality recordings soon.

Right, off to the gym now to move those muscles for the first time in a while, then home to collapse into sleep.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

back in the saddle

This week I braved the scooter once again. I even braved the 'round-a-bout of doom' yesterday. It's going pretty well and it's nice to be independent again. It's something I really missed, being able to get where I wanted without the bus or asking for a lift somewhere. But no worries now, I'm mobile and enjoying it.
So, what else is new you ask? I'm rapidly approaching my 26th birthday and my mid-term review. I spent a good chunk of this morning writing my mid term out. It's been scary and informative. I actually realised that I've done a fair bit of work since I last spoke to the committee and I'm actually getting somewhere. Albeit slowly at times, but I'm getting there.
Let's see, last weekend was spent in Melbourne with the family and the boy. I'm waiting on Mum to send me photos of the inagural keilor harvest festival. On Sunday we all got together out the back of my grandparents block (5 acres) to celebrate the harvest. The harvest was of grapes mostly. My Dad and my uncle G have been making their own wine for the last couple of years and this year I think they've actually done quite well. They turned the old stable out the back into their winery and they have two enormous food-grade stainless steel milk vats to ferment the wine in. This year they are making (I'm pretty sure anyway) cabernet, merlot, shiraz, chardonnay and maybe reisling again. Last years reisling was awful and is now being made into grappa. So yeah, we were celebrating the harvest. My brothers band the black swan of trespass played for us all. All the family was invited and also friends of the family were invited. It was a big afternoon. My Dad went out early to get the spit organised and to set up all the tables and chairs and wine tasting area. We had so much food, there was a whole lamb on the spit and there was some pork and I think there must have been about 100+ potatoes that were cooked in the spit as well. Mary, the next door neighbour, an elderly Italian woman made the best vegetable burger thingies I think I've tasted in a long time as well as homemade bread. Dad and G had also made up labels for their wine. It's going to be called Ganga's Garage, after my grandfather who passed away in 2003. He was called Ganga by all of his many grandkids and also used to make his own wine (but perhaps without the strictest sterility) from grapes and plums. The garage I believe is because Grange might get a bit upset at the use of their name, should the wine ever go into commercial production.
Anyway, the day was fun but sad too. I really didn't want to fly back to Canberra and the cloudy, grey, rainy weather was making me homesick and I hadn't even left yet. Fortunately for me the flight home was amusing enough to make me temporarily forget my woes and giggle like a mad thing. Our cabin crew were hilarious, or more correctly the guy on the microphone was hilarious. John has a serious career with virgin blue I'm sure. I was seated in 1A and had a full view of his antics. They began with him welcoming us on board and telling us that they were here to make our flight to Christchurch as memorable as possible. When questioned about Christchurch he told us we could vote. All in favour of Canberra? (no-one as far as I could tell) All in favour of Christchurch? (everyone raises their hands) Christchurch it is, however the next option was going to be Tahiti. Every announcement from then on contained a little gem. He told us all about meeting his childhood crush that day on a flight (Sigrid Thornton) and how he got to hold her hand and then continued to tell us that no other airline would hire him but thank goodness virgin did. Most amusing.
So, since being back, I've been at work, the physio and at home catching up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm currently up to series 3. Having only ever seen from series 5 onwards, it's nice to be catching up on the back story. Fabulous to be living with a sci-fi nerd, fabulous. Oooh I've also taught some more dancing and found that sexual innuendo works well with first year university students. Who would have thunk it? Not me, that's for sure. ;-)
Tonight, if I get a chance, I'll get back into knitting myself some socks with the famous german sockenwolle and maybe also the socks I promised to JJF a million years ago. Then comes the weekend when I will endeavour to finish the bag for my housemate LJS, from Xmas when I got all excited about making a bag, with a printed silk pattern on the front with a peacock theme. It only halted because I was unsure of how to attach the very thin silk to the denim of the bag. It took my Mum to mention quilting it on to get me enthused enough to even attempt it again. I am determined to have it done by the end of the month.
Really, I will.
Other crafting news, I've finished my stitch n' bitch hoodie that I started sometime in November (the sewing up took a while) and am now faced with my first ever attempt at blocking. I tried once and failed but hope that this time I'll get it right. The hem tends to roll up and the edges of the hood also roll up. But otherwise I'm very impressed with it. I made it from some Jo Sharp silk road aran and it's delightfully soft. 85% wool, 10% silk and 5% cashmere. Man I love cashmere as JJF (the sock man) will attest. He's in big trouble when wearing either one of his two cashmere jumpers, so soft, so nice. I may have to steal them.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


So, I'm having a little bit of a downer this morning. Writing up my mid-term review, an interesting event for PhD students in my department. We have to write up everything we've done in the last 18 months or two years (in my case) in 10 pages (double spaced) and make it sound like we've achieved something so we can continue with our studies. So, anyway, writing up my report ready for next week. I was kinda concerned that the result I thought I had might not actually be right. I could write several paragraphs in my nerd phase, telling you all about what I was doing and why I thought it might not be right and why it needed to be right for me to continue at all with the project, but that could be quite boring. So let's just say, I needed this result to be what I thought it was. I've had a difficult time confirming it, it has been a shit of a process. PCR is evil and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Today, I ran a gel of a PCR I did yesterday with a polymerase used by the lab next door for difficult or long PCRs. It actually worked!!! Not all of it, but one of the PCRs that can't work unless my result is real, worked! I have a result! It's real! I can continue with that project and know that life is worth living and the sun will rise tomorrow. I'm most excited.

target 3'

So you can see the left most lane is a ladder, with different sized bands on it, the brightest one in the middle is 3kb (3000 base pairs of DNA) then there is a lane with a few bands in it (this is the PCR I have to repeat) and then in the next lane at just over 3kb, is the band that proves that science doesn't hate me. It's the band that tells me that I really do have a result.

In other exciting news, I baked bread over the weekend while my mum was visiting. It was half rye bread and half white bread. It has what I think looks like a bit of a flock of seagulls haircut. See what you think, I'm off to find some champagne!!

rye/white bread

Just also to add, I'm going home tomorrow, which means I get to see MB for the first time since March, huzzah!

Friday, April 21, 2006

torren and tikka

torren and tikka
Originally uploaded by scientician_kate.
Just to prove to myself that I can post photos, here is a photo of Tikka and her brother Torren. He's the big burly fellow on the left and Tikka is the sweetheart on the right. It took forever to get them to sit like this, I used liver treats to get the adoring look in their eyes. If you notice, both their right eyes are the same colour, a dark brown, the left is lighter, in Tikka's case blue, in Torren's light brown. Tikka recently received her own 'bling' collar that has her name in diamantes on it, L hopes that it will stop people calling her 'tigger' as she is most commonly called by the misinformed. Tikka decided to wake me this morning, by coming into my room and looming over my bed (I have a futon, it's very low) and staring at me. Fortunately, she saved her licking me for my foot which was hanging out from under the covers. I can't imagine having to wake to a dog licking your face, I shudder to think about it. Morning breath is bad enough, but dog morning breath, ew! Okay, here goes, blogging photo, wish me luck.

first post

Hello to all who are interested,

Starting a blog because it's the thing to do and I read so many I feel like I should give back a little and share the delights and boredom that accompany my PhD as well as all the fun of my crafy type projects and all the fun I'm having with my scooter and teaching people to dance.
This week has been pretty crap. Last Tuesday, I fell off my scooter. It wasn't fun, my left elbow is delightfully bruised and my shoulder is quite sore. The best bit is that it was as a result of someone else failing to give way, so at least I should be able to get her insurance to pay for my scooter repairs and my physiotherapy. The bad bit, is seeing as she didn't hit me, she may feel less than obliged to help me out with those payments, or at least her insurance company may not be too keen. So I'm currently in limbo land, waiting for her details (wasn't able to get them because of my insertion into an ambulance) and waiting for the insurance company to send me the correct forms. No doubt it will be a fun experience. However, I did have a little victory in beaurocracy (spelling?) land today. Telstra are going to be giving our household a significant credit to our account, huzzah! So evidently complaining in a nice way is actually effective.
So enough whinging, what else is new? I bought fabulous sparkly shoes on the weekend to make me feel better, an absolute bargain at $30, will post photos when I work out how. My mum is coming to visit this weekend and look after me and it looks as though my housemate L and I will be doing something lovely for lunch on ANZAC day. She's working until 7am that morning, so I'm guessing she'll be not actually conscious until lunchtime at the earliest, no dawn service for me this year. I helped L overcome her fear of piercings today and went with her to the salon where she got her belly button pierced. It wasn't nearly as scary as she thought it would be and all is actually well with her. Let's hope it doesn't get infected.
anywho, I'm feeling lazy and we're about to have afternoon tea for one of the reception type people, she's leaving us for the physics department and a full time job.