Monday, November 27, 2006

No longer a learner?

I have booked myself in for the provisional licence test. As of (fingers crossed) the 9th of December, 2006, I will no longer have L plates on my scooter. I have been riding the scoot for almost 2 years, practically every day. Aparently the test isn't hard. I'm still nervous though. I wouldn't bother going for the test, but after the 2 year mark, if you haven't done the P's test, you have to do the Learner course again. And that costs $220 or so. So, being a cheap bastard, and probably riding okay, I'm going to try and get my licence. Wish me luck, press your thumbs, or cross your fingers for me. 9:30am, Saturday 9th December,2006.


baronvonhuffing said...

If it's as easy as the Victorian one, you'll have no problems. The Vic licence test is actually easier than the L test. Best of luck anywho. Phweat!

nastyminded said...

Will you ride your scooter to Melbourne?

scientician said...

cheers baron. And nope, no riding to Melbourne. I'll get it brought down with the rest of my stuff. with a top speed of 90km/hr I think I'd get myself killed on the Hume.