Thursday, May 08, 2014

I have a bike!

I got on a bike yesterday for the first time in seven years. Wheeeeee!

TWO was rather excited to be picked up from dagis yesterday and ride home on the back of Mama's new bike. She insisted that we keep riding through the drizzle, past home and onward to the bike path for a bit of a spin.

I already have plans to embellish Belle with some knitted items. Her name is Belle because her former owner (my wonderful neighbour) named her that. 

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Apt Swedish phrase/word of the week - the drinking edition


Literal translation : back full/drunk
Actual translation : hungover

This was me on Sunday morning. Saturday night consisted of a party to honour my friend Elma who passed away at the end of January this year. It was a wonderful night with music, dance, joy and tears. I may have been drinking whiskey with friends while I was DJing. I may also have not got much sleep after slipping into bed at 2am and being woken at 6am by TWO. 

I felt entirely bakfull with a horrible headache and tiredness.