Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm going to a wedding!

Two lovely friends of mine are getting married this coming weekend, in Brisvegas. I am quite looking forward to going up north and seeing all the people in that friendship group and getting myself a little tipsy at the reception. I'll be using the opportunity to catch up with a number of lovely people. VE of the 'vagina hot chocolate' fame. EE and ME, newly married couple. MB, who I haven't seen since last Xmas and am dying to catch up with. I'm also having dinner with the boy's Dad and girlfriend (the Dad's girlfriend, not my boy's, that would be weird). I'm a little bit scared of the boy's Dad, so lord knows why I decided it would be a good idea to have dinner together. I'm hoping we can discuss motorbikes and dogs, and not academia and science. I've got a few instructions from the boy about subject areas to avoid. His motorbike, marriage, his PhD. I think we'll be safe. I think if I need to feign illness, I am quite capable of doing so.
I don't have a wedding present, as my presence is their present (as it even says on the invite). But I will be giving the bride her 'red toe socks'. Part of the collection. I hope she likes them, they look like this:
RU socks

EE will also get her socks, and MB. They are the following pairs:
EE socks
I'll leave you with something I saw at a craft shop yesterday. It disturbed me, but then I have a dirty mind.
my dad is bigger
Maybe it's something specific that kids in Canberra say to their friends? I just don't know.

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