Tuesday, October 24, 2006

a comedy of errors

I had my scooter accident about 6 and a bit months ago. My scooter went in for repairs a total of 3 times, the final time being today. I am hoping when I get there this afternoon that there will be a scooter that is fixed for me. I really do hope that. Here is some of damage that was done in the accident:
headlight damagebrake lever damage
There was some other stuff done to the foot rest area and the mudguard, but I haven't uploaded those photos to flickr yet. Anywho, I took the scooter in about 3 weeks ago now to get it all fixed. YAY! Unfortunately, the company had sent the wrong colour parts, doh! Fortunately, they were couriering (is that a word?) the correct parts over and I could pick up my scooter in a couple of days time. Unfortunately, the courier was late and it didn't get done. so, last week I took the scooter in again, everything except the mudguard got replaced. Unfortunately, the company had sent the wrong model mud guard. Today, my scooter is getting a new mudguard that is the right colour and then all will be fixed and well. I'm almost sure of it.
In other news, I have managed to get myself sunburned on two consecutive Sundays. Two Sundays ago it was my head while dancing at the Kingston Markets. This Sunday it was while I was walking up Mount Pleasant. I took a photo of the 'mountain' from the other side of the lake, the day of the scalp burning incident:
view to mount pleasant
That's the carillion (spelling?) on the right there. It's some kind of bell tower thing. I think.
Here is the view from the top of that hill:
view from mount pleasant
You can see the following in this photo: the captain cook memorial jet, black mountain telstra tower, the monument given to us from the US, and right at the back, the museum. It was, as you can see, a very clear and sunny day, I should have been wearing sunscreen. This Sunday I will definitely not get burnt, I'm almost sure of it.

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