Monday, November 06, 2006

I got my second flower in 7.5 years

My boy is not big on giving flowers, he doesn't like 'giving something that is dead' as a gift. Which I kinda get, but I kinda don't. Because I really like getting flowers as gifts. Here is my second flower in 7.5 years, and actually in about 1 year too. I was very impressed by his sneaky way of getting it to me, via VE. She had to carry it from Melbourne on the plane and present it to me in Brisvegas. Thanks mate!
flower close up


Mowhawk Dan said...

Hello there scientician to the stars (long time since I have seen that as a sign off on an email). Stumbled across your blog trying to find out what was so incriminating in the wedding pics that VE wouldn't show me (she will probably kill me when she finds out I was trying) so I thought I should post something entirely unrelated to the picture. How have you been (aside from scooter accidents and forming Aus's first red sock gang)?

scientician said...

howdy mowhawk dan. I been good. Busy but good. I can send you a link to incriminating photos, except they've been taken down. Nothing too terrible up there now. But if you are interested, email me at scientician_kate at yahoo dot co dot uk,I'll forward you the link. ;-)