Friday, June 30, 2006

That might be okay for laughing person

Okay, so I wrote a long post, it was great, but I kinda didn't save it and then lost it. So this will be a pared down version of the same thing. I have been back from Melbourne for just over a week. It was an excellent weekend away. There was the mad dash to get myself some shoes for the wedding, after I realised the shoes that were 'in my old wardrobe at mum and dad's' weren't. There was the pre-wedding overview of my MC duties with the groom, which included watching Father Ted and drinking vodka. There was the delight at seeing this imgp1781
at the wedding. It's my brother with his scary and funny handlebar moustache. With only this moustache, a pair of sunglasses and a beanie, he managed to make sure that no-one sat next to him on the train a couple of weeks ago. Go tiger go!
There was the reaction of the family to 'the dress'. My cousins and I used to dress up for the grown-ups when we were kids and perform. We'd make up skits and then act them out. I can't remember content, but I can remember that my cousin Keiran (now a married father of two) always used to wear an old ballgown of my grandmother's. I found the dress at my aunts and after some adjustment to my less-than-ample bosom, we had a dress that fitted. Everyone was most impressed and recognised the dress. Well, those of us who were old enough to remember. Keiran didn't seem too upset that I'd stolen his dress. Here is a photo of me in the dress, standing next to the previous owner/wearer, Grandma.
I, unfortunately, do not have any better photos of the dress (with me in it) at the moment, so this'll have to do. I'm banking on someone else at the wedding having taken a better shot at some stage. I certainly remember posing for one or two.

I had a good time MCing and didn't swear once, if you don't count bugger as a swear word. I think it all went pretty well and the food was excellent.

I had the good fortune to be able to catch up with some friends over the course of the weekend. MF and her beautiful son Jack came over for lunch and we had some yummy bagels while Jack scared Sheddy the local cat who likes to come and visit. Sheddy evidently doesn't like babies, actually, I don't think any cats like babies. He decided against joining us for lunch.
We had dinner, the same night, with newly married couple EE and ME and with good friend VE. It was Mekong for mains, noodle soup all around and Max Brenner's for dessert. EE ordered a choc/orange hot chocolate that looked like this:imgp1831 VE made a comment about it's appearance. Apparently, it looks like a vagina. We giggled to ourselves about this. But were laughing very much out loud when EE's husband took a sip and said 'that tastes familiar'. We, according to the boy, laughed so loud that the entire restaurant was looking at us. I think EE was a bit put out by that, so apologies mate, it wasn't directed at you. We just have dirty minds.

In other news, I have knitted a fair few pair of socks in the last couple of weeks. JJF finally got his red socks:DSCN2189
which are slightly different reds. I ran out of the first lot of wool without finishing the first sock. So I made them kinda similar, with the body of the sock being one colour and the toe being the other colour. I think I'd forgotten that dye lots could vary so much and that JJF has really big feet. But it's all fine, he's colour blind so probably can't really tell the difference between them anyway. I have promised to teach him and my housemate SKW to knit in the near future. I think we'll be starting with scarves and beanies.
I've also started on a sock knitting project. I have a group of really good friends, who are currently dispersed all over the countryside. I am making us all pairs of socks that have red toes (the linking factor) so we can remember that group of friends, even when we are a long way away. It's a bit daggy I know, but I want to do something to make these people remember me! So, I have just received foot size from RU, finished the socks for MB (who's birthday it was this week) and started on the socks for VE. Once I work out how big size 7 is in European sizes, I can get started on EE's socks too. Here are the completed and semi-completed socks.

Next time I'll tell you a tale of mountain climbing and shoulder repair.

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phdstudent said...

I've always thought the Max Brenner mugs looked like toilet bowls.

In other news: Yay for Melbourne.