Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bruises a-go-go

So Monday was my last pole dancing class. It was 6 weeks of hilarious fun and lots of bruises. I ended up with, what one housemate desribed as, legs that looked like someone had attacked them with their thumbs. I have bruises on the tops of my feet and also on both inner thighs/knees and a fabulous one on my left thigh (outer). But, the best bit is, they don't actually hurt. Well, not much anyway. But they look really impressive. They're varying shades of purple and orangey-red and green. I'm quite proud of them, I have to say.

I got to practice going upside-down on the pole on Monday. I did pretty well. I didn't smash my head into the ground and was able to get onto the floor in a pretty elegant way. I think that upside-down is going to be one of my favourite kinda of things. It requires strength and a little bravery, and it looks very cool.

I recently read an article on about pole dancing. It was an opinion piece about how women doing pole dancing were fools. I was quite taken aback. The article, summarised by me, went along the lines that women saying they were 'reclaiming their femininity' or were making a feminist statement by doing pole dancing, didn't know what they were on about. Thing is, I don't think anyone in my class would claim they were doing pole dancing to be more feminine, or to make a feminist statement. I think they'd say they were there to have fun, get some upper body strength and laugh like idiots. I know that's why I'm there. I love that I'm getting stronger arms and abs, I love dancing around like a fool to crappy music and I love the gymnastic ability required for the class. I'd say it'd be much like doing an acrobatic/circus class, something a little different, that requires somewhat acrobatic skills. Much fun as going to the gym is (and I really enjoy it), my pole dancing class is so much fun. I'm not doing it to impress a man, I'm not doing it to land a man (already got one), I'm doing it because it makes me happy. Buh, anyway, enough justifying my new habit, I love it and that's the most important thing.

What else is news I hear you ask? JJF and BT moved into their new place yesterday, along with Bailey the black Labrador. They are now literally stumbling distance from my house. And with their surround sound and yo-yo tricks galore, I don't know how often I'll be at home. I'm still quite giggly about the whole thing. I got to ride JJF's scooter from his old place in Torrens, up to the new place. It was quite scary, scarier than I'd imagined. I think it was because it was so windy last night. I nearly got blown off on Adelaide Avenue. But I made it safely, and realised that I quite like my own scooter, even if it does have a smaller engine.

Last night was also our Xmas at my house. LJS had her parents around. I had the boys over and SKW had J and N with her. We all ate dinner separately, but dessert was a shared affair. SKW had made sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and we ate that, along with icecream. It was heavenly. LJS had also bought a chocky cake, so we were well fed. It was a lovely evening, Bailey was there too and all three dogs played with each other. Bailey and Tikka had a small fight, and it looks as though Bailey is top dog among those three. It'll be interesting to see them play more over the next while, as I'm sure Bailey will be at our house quite a bit.

I totally scored in the present stakes. LJS got me a lovely Vespa diary thing and a swivel chair for me to use for sewing. SKW got me Degrassi High season 1 on DVD. I spent this morning watching a little bit of it as I sewed, sitting on the new chair. It's still as classy as ever, which means, not at all. But it does deal with a lot of 'issues' that faced teenagers in the late 80s/early 90s. The fashion is pretty astounding, go the mullet! BT and his lovely g/f GT also got me something, yay! It was totally unexpected, but totally useful. I got a new wallet. My old wallet from RU, while lovely, has not had a functional zip for quite some time. It was time to retire it, but I was just waiting for the sales. No need anymore though! The new wallet is red and snazzy.

That's all that's news from my world. Except maybe the dizzy spells of the last few days. But it sounds like a lot of people have been getting them, so maybe it's something to do with the weather. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow to get it checked out. Probably just a minor ear infection or something. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

you might be eligible for some compensation you know! it sounds like those bruises result from an accident at work... Although im not sure you are getting paid to pole dance, therefore can it really be classed as work!