Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday evening musings

This weekend has got me pretty tired. I've been on a mission to get black velvet ribbon, about 4 cm wide. Does Lincraft have any? No. Does Spotlight have any? No. Do any other fabric shops in Canberra have any? No. It's ridiculous. I think I'm going to have to get the boy to go and get me some from his local Spotlight (assuming they have some in Melbourne). But the other thing that is making me tired, is my late night last night and the walk up Mount Taylor this morning. Seeing as they are in chronological order in that sentence, they will be in the following description.
Last night was an excellent night. Just enough of a mix of some excellent, and sometimes scary, dances and the social element that I love. I had some wonderful chats with my fellow swing dancers. Topics ranged from comparison of poor vision to our mutual delight of the dance known as Balboa. My vision isn't nearly as crap as I thought, but I'm about the only one with crap vision who actually wears glasses. The rest of them are contacts people. I'm far too lazy for contacts, but was wishing Saturday morning that I had some. (couldn't find my glasses because I wasn't wearing them, which is the evil paradox of poor vision) I had a few really nice Bal dances with DC from Sydney and also with JJF and some regular lindy hop dances with A and J. Lots of fun. I was given a Lincraft voucher (they know my heart well) to thank me for my time on the committee, which I recently quit. And to top the evening off, some students from my Monday night class that I teach with CP turned up and had a good time. YAY! Excellent night.
Unfortunately, an excellent night is quite often a late night. So after about 6 hours sleep, I woke up to get myself ready for the walk up Mt Taylor. After a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, JJF, myself, UW and SKW made the trek up the STAIRS OF DOOM and looked down over the cold wintery, windy Canberra we had this morning. I don't think my thighs will be thanking me tomorrow, I think they will be trying to find ways to cripple me, so I will never do that to them again. Next time we go up those stairs I'm getting a photo to prove how evil they are.
So I'm now just sitting in the lab waiting for a few things to get sorted out before it's off home to sleep until next week. I will probably dream about stairs that say they lead to black velvet ribbon but actually lead me to more stairs and more stairs.

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