Thursday, September 21, 2006

my dogs are so cute!

So, I was looking through the gallery that the boy has set up on his computer at Monash. I saw some photos that I took recently while I was in Melbourne, on his camera. My brother and I had taken the dogs down to the park and they were frolicking and enjoying themselves. I found the most adorable picture of them that i think could ever exist! It's lovely. So rather than tell you about my insurance victory or my cloning victory. I'm going to show you my baby bears. So sweet!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I have green shoes

What more is there to say? Today I am uninspired and lacklustre. My PCRs did not work. My dancing thing was a bit of a flop, with too few people. I have blisters on my feet inside the shoes because I was stupid enough to dance on concrete. I just want to go home, go to bed, wake up and it be tomorrow already. So enjoy my green shoes, I'm going to try and muster some enthusiasm for tonight's class. woo.
green shoes

Monday, September 11, 2006

5 months, 5 years and 76 years -September 11

Hello again all (all 3 of you). I'm back from Melbourne and back into the daily grind that is my life in Canberra.

Today has multiple significances for me, as the title may suggest. Today is five months since my accident. Five months since my shoulder and elbow were sore and grumpy. Five months since I got out of lab meeting (and I've got another one tomorrow!). I'm pleased to report that my shoulder is almost completely healed. I've only got the tiniest bit of pain left and it's almost as though it's just in my mind. I'm most impressed. The physio doesn't want to see me for about a month and I think when I see him again that I'll be declared fit for anything. Or at least my shoulder will be.
Other good news relating to my accident is that my insurance company have determined liability in my personal injury claim and I'll be getting all my medical expenses covered. I'm so incredibly happy about this. It's the first time in the whole situation that I've really felt believed about the whole thing. They agreed with me, I did absolutely nothing wrong. Huzzah! It's going to be great, getting back the money I've already spent on physio, it's something like $700 or so. Enforced savings can be great sometimes.

Obviously, five years ago today was 9/11. I'd comment on it, but don't really feel qualified. It didn't affect me personally, at least not directly. I didn't know anyone who died, wasn't friends with anyone who knew someone who died. It's all pretty removed from me. That said, I think it affected a lot of people, at the time and still now. I still remember where I was when I heard. I was at the boy's place (which at the time was in West Brunswick) and we were watching the late news on Channel 10 with Sandra Sully. I think I may have been snoozing, I'm hardly a night owl and he was probably working on his computer. We watched it all for a while and after a couple of hours (?) fell asleep. The next day I was in at uni in the Genetics Dept and that was all anyone could talk about. At home that night, the only thing on TV was coverage. It seems as though a big deal is being made over the 5 year anniversary. I have friends who are in NY today, will have to ask them what it was like. Whether it was any different on the anniversary.

Today is also a good day! Today my Opa turns 76. He's my only grandfather left now. He's a fabulously funny man who I'm sure will be enjoying his birthday to the full. Probably taking Monty for a walk (he's a jack russell), perhaps going to the club for lunch and having a nice day with Oma. I'll give him a call this evening and find out if I'm right. Happy Birthday Opa! I hope it's full of good fun and I'll see you in a few weeks.

I could continue with other news about what has been going on. But I can tell that it will no doubt result in me crying behind the keyboard and not getting any work done for the rest of the day. So, I will leave the update for after my lab talk and just note down a few key points here.
I spent a month in Melbourne, spending time with my grandma. She was at home, with an oxygen mask, shirtloads of morphine and a hospital bed. She died on the 7th of August at around 8.45am. Her funeral was that Friday.
My parents left the same day to go overseas on a trip they'd been planning a long time. They got caught up in the Heathrow incident (much amusement all around).
My housemate LJS is in Peru, as of last week. She sounds like she's enjoying it and I have her car while she's away. Huzzah! No scooter for a month.
My friend JJF is in the states with my other friend MT. They are going to the all balboa camp in Detroit, after sampling some of the delights America has to offer. I expect to hear much about the stupid mongy things they will get up to.
I went to the "Corowa" conference, this year held in the Yarra Valley. Was also good fun.

Updates on all these adventures and the like later, I have a lab talk to write!