Saturday, June 03, 2006

random shite

I went to a dancing thing last night, it was a 'masters class' and then social dance with Dax Hock. Admittedly, I decided against doing the class, I was worn out and Dax isn't exactly my cup of tea. He's a fabulous dancer and the like, but doesn't really inspire me. Instead I was door bitch extraordinair and ended up having an hour long chat with another dancer about this and that. It was a good night, especially because I didn't have to ride the scooter and I also got a couple of really fun social dances. Yay social dancing.
So today, the plan goes as follows:
-dissect gential discs from 3rd instar larvae
-fix said discs
-go to spotlight for velvet ribbon and some goldy-greeny thread (for 'the' dress)
-hang out and knit/handsew with JJF
-head off to the dancing birthday party

So, in the land of crafting projects I have a few on the go, alas no photos, maybe one day. I have the socks for JJF, one is already completed and has been confirmed as a sock that fits. I have the petticoat to wear under 'the' dress, all it needs now is a hem. I have 'the' dress alterations to allow for my lack of bosom. And I'm desperate to make a moebius scarf and have found some yarn that would be fabulous for it here after reading about it on this man's blog. I'm totally stealing his idea/project, but the yarn sounds fantastic and too good an opportunity to miss out on. Hooray for the internet and purchasing thing via it's international goodness.

Something else I've wanted to get onto is stenciling, as seen around the place, using freezer paper. Alas, Australia is somewhat lacking in freezer paper, unless you count the stuff that they charge exorbitant prices for in craft stores. I'll have to wait until I'm next in Melbourne to steal some from my Mum, who got some from a friend on their way back from the states. It will happen, I'm sure of it. Then I can make a t-shirt for my cousin that says 'phwheat' and another that says 'muscle beach is cheese'. He'll love both of them I'm sure, well at least the first one.

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