Friday, April 21, 2006

first post

Hello to all who are interested,

Starting a blog because it's the thing to do and I read so many I feel like I should give back a little and share the delights and boredom that accompany my PhD as well as all the fun of my crafy type projects and all the fun I'm having with my scooter and teaching people to dance.
This week has been pretty crap. Last Tuesday, I fell off my scooter. It wasn't fun, my left elbow is delightfully bruised and my shoulder is quite sore. The best bit is that it was as a result of someone else failing to give way, so at least I should be able to get her insurance to pay for my scooter repairs and my physiotherapy. The bad bit, is seeing as she didn't hit me, she may feel less than obliged to help me out with those payments, or at least her insurance company may not be too keen. So I'm currently in limbo land, waiting for her details (wasn't able to get them because of my insertion into an ambulance) and waiting for the insurance company to send me the correct forms. No doubt it will be a fun experience. However, I did have a little victory in beaurocracy (spelling?) land today. Telstra are going to be giving our household a significant credit to our account, huzzah! So evidently complaining in a nice way is actually effective.
So enough whinging, what else is new? I bought fabulous sparkly shoes on the weekend to make me feel better, an absolute bargain at $30, will post photos when I work out how. My mum is coming to visit this weekend and look after me and it looks as though my housemate L and I will be doing something lovely for lunch on ANZAC day. She's working until 7am that morning, so I'm guessing she'll be not actually conscious until lunchtime at the earliest, no dawn service for me this year. I helped L overcome her fear of piercings today and went with her to the salon where she got her belly button pierced. It wasn't nearly as scary as she thought it would be and all is actually well with her. Let's hope it doesn't get infected.
anywho, I'm feeling lazy and we're about to have afternoon tea for one of the reception type people, she's leaving us for the physics department and a full time job.

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