Friday, May 05, 2006

Dogs and knitting

Last night I got home a little later than usual, working in the lab until about 8pm. My housemate LJS had some friends over for a baked potato dinner. I was invited to join them and may I say, she makes an excellent baked potato. So, two other friendly type dogs were in the backyard with our favourite Tikka, Casper and Torren (Tikka's brother). Tikka and Torren are both husky/kelpie crosses and I think Cas is a dalmation/kelpie cross. Those dogs love playing with a ball, I managed to snaffle a couple of photos of them, all excited by the prospect of being able to chase a ball around our quite dark backyard.
casper, tikka, torren
so from left to right you can see Casper, Tikka and Torren. They are quite attentive when they need to be.

throwing the ball
Here's my famous action shot. The tiny soccer ball is able to hold their attention like nothing else. They ended up all covered in each others dog spit, except Casper, who managed to avoid all the slobbering.
All in all last night was quite the girls night. My other housemate SKW, got back from a date with the biggest grin on her face. We all sat around and chatted until it was quite late for we 'early to bed' types. We were momentarily distracted by the TV when the subject of persistent arousal syndrome was raised. Apparently some women (not sure about men) are in a reasonably constant state of arousal, and it's a physiological condition. The only solution is orgasm. One woman broke up with her husband because she couldn't talk to him about it. Another one was quite aggressive in a sexual way with her husband, somewhat. . . .demanding? We were all intrigued, but unfortunately didn't really get much more information out of it as we ended up being distracted again by the dogs.

Onto other things, I finished writing up my mid-term review today and felt reasonably good about it. But now I'm mentally drained and ready for more sleep. I think I'll head to the gym though and get rid of some of my tension. I've booked myself in for a massage on Monday to work out the kinks in my shoulder. I figure it should be worth a go, just to help with the healing process. Can't hurt anyway, or in other words will probably hurt like buggery (assuming I knew what that was like) but may be ultimately beneficial.

If time permits tonight and the brain function returns, I might continue working on my lace scarf that I started many months ago and abandoned in despair. Who knew knitting on small needles with mohair would be difficult? And making that lace pattern, difficult? Certainly not me, it actually requires concentration and counting, hmmmm, maybe not tonight. But here are some pictures I took of it this morning in the rather glorious sunshine that Canberra is blessed with. Pity the temperatures aren't as nice as the sunshine.
lace scarf #1

closer up view of scarf

And while I think about it, I really have to get some more Ray Charles music. I watched the movie Ray again on the weekend and loved it the second time as much as the first. That man was awesome. I've been using 'Hallelujah, I love her so' and 'Hit the road, jack' for my swing classes and they are fabulous for dancing to. Oh, and 'let the good times roll' that has some great breaks in it. Got it on my iTunes at the moment while I type this up, awesome. The copies of these songs I have though are from a really crappy compilation CD with poorly recorded live songs. I'm determined to get myself a CD of decent quality recordings soon.

Right, off to the gym now to move those muscles for the first time in a while, then home to collapse into sleep.

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