Thursday, December 14, 2006

speedy mc-speedster

Yesterday was an excellent day, for the most part. I had a meeting with my solicitor, about my personal injury claim. Looks like I only have two things left to do before we can settle. I have to visit an 'independant medical expert' and have my shoulder assessed. I also have to get some kind of documentary evidence that my thesis was put back by about 2 months due to the accident. I think my supervisor might be able to help me out there. Must remember to ask, and ask nicely. Once this is done, NRMA will make me an offer, I'll pay the solicitors for their work and whatever is left over is mine. Huzzah! Fingers crossed it'll only take another couple of months or so.

I had colonies on my ligation plate yesterday morning and am in the process of confirming whether they are the right thing or not. I've grown up 12 of them and am digesting the DNA now. Give me an hour or so and I'll know whether I've finished cloning for my PhD or not (assuming the sequencing goes well). This is a bit of a milestone for me, as I may have mentioned previously, so that's cool too.

We had a farewell lunch for Nelida yesterday. She's a lovely Chilean woman in her 70s, who has been working at RSBS for 30 years. She is a phenomenal support, both scientifically and emotionally. I'm going to miss her hugs and advice. But, I figure she's probably allowed to go and do something other than work in our lab. The lunch was in the botanical gardens and we were visited by many water dragons. I'll post pictures once I'm organised.

So those were the good things about yesterday. Now for the amusing and not so great bits. My scooter decided that everywhere I went yesterday, I was travelling no distance and at 0km/h. I hoofed it down to the scooter repairer and it was a simple job to fix. The speedo cable had fallen out of it's place and wasn't connected properly. I got it all fixed up and I now know how fast I'm travelling. Which is useful. The other shitty thing yesterday was the evil headache that came upon me at about 4pm. I think it was my usual PMS headache, turning up a few days late to confuse and irritate me. It didn't go away, even with drugs. But, sleep killed it pretty well.

So yeah, yesterday was mostly good, but also a little shit. I'm hoping today will give me DNA to sequence and good flies to work with. Fingers crossed it'll also bring me chocolate, finished Xmas present shopping and a lovely early night. Man, I'm such a nanna!

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