Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I hate molecular biology. That is all.

just to let you know

My short shorts aren't short enough. I have a number of fabulous bruises from pole dancing. It's heaps of fun, but my shorts need to be shorter. I'm going shopping on the weekend to get myself some super short shorts. I'm very glad the class only has women in it. And that I ride my scooter to class with my long cargo scooter pants. The super short shorts will only see the pink lights of my class.

Monday, November 27, 2006

No longer a learner?

I have booked myself in for the provisional licence test. As of (fingers crossed) the 9th of December, 2006, I will no longer have L plates on my scooter. I have been riding the scoot for almost 2 years, practically every day. Aparently the test isn't hard. I'm still nervous though. I wouldn't bother going for the test, but after the 2 year mark, if you haven't done the P's test, you have to do the Learner course again. And that costs $220 or so. So, being a cheap bastard, and probably riding okay, I'm going to try and get my licence. Wish me luck, press your thumbs, or cross your fingers for me. 9:30am, Saturday 9th December,2006.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

three things I didn't expect to see last night

I went out for dinner last night with a couple of lovely ladies from work and today's seminar speaker. We had lovely food and some rather nice wine. And apart from getting knocked every so often as people walked past our table, I had a lovely time. After dinner VA dropped me back at our building so I could pick up my scooter and go home. Once I'd gone upstairs and collected all my gear I made my way back to the carpark to get said scooter. Here are the three things I really didn't expect to see, in increasing order of unexpectedness.
-my office mate coming into work (at 10pm) to continue writing up her thesis
-a black cat and two tabby kittens
-approximately 8 chinese people, wandering as if lost

I was quite taken aback by these 8 people wandering through campus. The only thing that made sense to me is that they were tourists/visitors staying at uni house and were checking out the campus because they were jet lagged and not tired. But of course, for a nanna like me, 10pm is late, and I'd had a headache all day yesterday. So I don't know that I was thinking too clearly.
Today I'm without the headache, which is good. But I've upgraded to crampiness, so I'm not sure that I'm pleased.Fingers crossed the gym will help that. I'm determined to go today. No lab work is going to get in my way! And tonight I'm off to the amateur pole dancing night at the ever-so-classy lot 33 in Kingston. Woo!

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's raining, it's pouring and I'm going pole dancing

It rained yesterday, and it's pissing down today. I have been able to borrow my housemate's car (she's sick with tonsillitis and isn't going anywhere). I think I should complain/comment about the lack of rain in Canberra more often, we might actually fix the drought right there. I was just on the Bureau of Meterology's website checking out the radar scans. We are in for some serious rain in the next hour or two. Hooray! It does, however, make me more homesick than you'd expect. Grey cloudy day? Rain? Homesick. Oh well, only 8 or so months until I can move home, or so I hope.
Yesterday was a movie extravaganza at our house. Due to the sickness of the housemate, and the exhaustion of me (in the lab until 10pm on a friday night, woo! go my social life), we decided we'd stay in all day and watch DVDs. We watched:
- March of the Penguins
-Mrs Henderson Presents
-The Family Stone
-Take the Lead
Actually, it was just me watching Mrs Henderson and The Family Stone, someone else needed a nap. The evening was capped off by a trip to the supermarket in the pouring rain to get supplies. I got groceries for the week and spent up big, due to the space afforded to me by the car. The housemate, LJS, got herself supplies for making chocolate fudge. It was a lovely trip, sad as that may sound. I quite like doing the 'late night' trip to the supermarket for supplies. Bread is always really, really cheap at that time of day. 50c for a loaf of wholemeal bread, yum! The whole day provided a lovely break from the lab and thinking about my thesis/lab work. I was almost planning a trip in, just to collect virgins but was told in no uncertain terms by the other housemate, SKW, that that just wasn't on. And I'm so glad I decided to stay home, I'm actually keen to be back here and I think the break did me good. I think there should be a new rule, 1 day off per week, or else.
Anyway, rather than drivel on about that for longer, I'll drivel about something else. I'm going to my first pole dancing class tonight. It was supposed to be taught by a friend of mine, but she switched her classes around. I think that it might actually be better to not be in her class That way if I hit my head on the pole or fall on my arse, my lab won't know about it immediately. I'm quite looking forward to this class, and a little apprehensive. I want to know, how short do my shorts have to be?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

um.... sorry

Kidney beans are some of my new favourite foods. Along with chickpeas and anything green and vegetably. Problem is, too many kidney beans make for some stinky times. I'm so lucky I don't share an office with anyone at the moment. I feel sorry for my supervisors, we're having a meeting in 20 mins and I can't promise it won't be fragrant. Uh oh!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things that make me smile

I was heading over to get a massage today (something that makes me smile) and was reminded of something else that makes me smile and occasionally giggle. There are quite a number of speed humps on the ANU campus. People who own stupid lowered cars quite often have difficulty getting over them if they drive straight at them, lots of scrapeing involved. So they have to drive over them at angles and really manouvre the car in an awkward fashion to get across safely. I find it really quite amusing. It's even funnier in Manuka (local cafe strip) when they are using the opportunity to show off the car to all those sitting outside. Simple things amuse simple minds I suppose. Still, it's funny.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I got my second flower in 7.5 years

My boy is not big on giving flowers, he doesn't like 'giving something that is dead' as a gift. Which I kinda get, but I kinda don't. Because I really like getting flowers as gifts. Here is my second flower in 7.5 years, and actually in about 1 year too. I was very impressed by his sneaky way of getting it to me, via VE. She had to carry it from Melbourne on the plane and present it to me in Brisvegas. Thanks mate!
flower close up

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tikka, I don't think I'm in Melbourne anymore

I realised today why I cannot consider myself a Melbournite anymore, and have to concede that I'm a Canberra-type person. I no longer carry an umbrella with me everywhere. When I first moved here, and indeed for the first 18 months or so, I had an umbrella in my bag at all times. You just never know when it's going to rain. But I've learnt that there may be rain forecasted for Canberra, but that means nothing. You have about a 10% chance of rain. However, in Melbourne, it will rain if there is rain forecast, simple as that. This weekend, there is rain forecast for Brisvegas and Canberra. I don't have an umbrella with me for my trip up north, I'll probably need it. I don't think I'd need it if I were staying at home. My prediction for this weekend, it will rain in QLD, it won't in the ACT. I've been here too long, I don't carry an umbrella with me anymore. I don't even know where mine is!