Monday, October 21, 2013

Swedish word/phrase of the week


Translation : glasses 

Literal translation : glass eyes

A story to accompany this word of the week. When I finally got around to getting myself an ID card for Sweden organised, some 4 years after moving here, I had to go and get my photo taken for said ID card. 

I'm guessing the woman who was on duty that day behind the new photography device saw my name and felt it would be easier for all concerned to speak English. I appreciate this gesture sometimes from Swedes, particularly when I'm feeling tired or lazy. I can just speak my own language and let my mind wander elsewhere. But in recent times, as I've become more confident with Swedish, I find it a bit amusing. 

In any case, she was having difficulty in getting the new fangled photographic device to work and take a decent photo of my face. At which point she suggested that it might be best for me to 'take off your glass eyes' so that she wouldn't have trouble with reflection.

From that point on I have always thought of the literal translation of glasses to glass eyes. Speaking of which, I relatively recently bought new glass eyes with gold hearts in the frame. I love them. One could go so far as to say I heart them. 

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