Monday, October 14, 2013

Swedish word/phrase of the week

Väl och ve 

Translation: well being
Literal translation : well and woe

In my class last week we were reading various excerpts from letters to the editor and working out whether they were argumentative texts or not. One thing that stood out as something I didn't know was the phrase väl och ve. As you can see above, it translates to well being. But the literal translation is well and woe. I like that idea. It encompasses the idea of well being in English. The idea that it encompasses all of a life, the good and the bad. The general state of someone's life. Both the good, well and the bad, woe. Fabulous. 

Swedish continues to be interesting to me as a language, but I have the worst time with the verb ska. I will, however, attempt to mistress it before I've finished my course for this year. 

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