Friday, October 18, 2013

Being vampired, Swedish style

I gave blood this morning. It is a slightly different experience in Sweden vs Australia. I gave blood for the first time at uni in 1998. SInce then I've done it fairly regularly. 

In Australia I would get a snack of cheese and biscuits with maybe a milkshake if I were especially lucky.

In Sweden, I get to choose a gift of some description as well as a snack. I now have a small collection of blue bowls and I also have a 'blood bag', which is a cotton shopping bag. 

I want to get about 4-5 of these blue bowls. So I guess I'll have to keep donating. Lucky for Sweden and for me that I have good veins, a healthy iron count and a desire to do my bit and share my A+ blood with those in need. 

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