Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Making chicken stock -FODMAPs friendly

So I mentioned in my post about Thai Pumpkin soup that I used home made chicken stock made in a FODMAPs friendly way. 

My recipe is somewhat flexible, depending on what herbs and vegetables I have available. My most recent stock didn't have any celery in it, despite that being a bit of a standard*. But we couldn't get any at the supermarket and thought it would be good to just run with what we did have. 

After your chicken roast has settled nicely in your belly, strip your chicken and put the carcass and bones into a big pot. Add enough water to cover the bones and add some/any/all of the following vegetables

No need to chop them up finely or anything. Just a rough chop and into the pot. 

Then I like to add fresh thyme and a couple of bay leaves to my stockpot and a bit of my garlic oil

Now comes the lazy and useful part. Boil that stock gently for a good long while. A few hours at least. Many people when talking about stock will tell you to skim off any scum that forms on the top. I've yet to find it necessary. 

After your gentle boil of several hours, it is time to strain your stock. We have a fine colander that works well to let stock through but keeps the bones and herbs and veg stuck. 

Turf your big bits into the compost or regular bin and take your stock and put it in the fridge.

Because I haven't added salt to this stock as I make it, it does generally need a bit of salt for use later on, otherwise the taste is off. I generally add the salt to taste when I'm cooking with the stock later. Like in our risotto that is the usual follow on from making stock. I'm making some tonight, I might get some photos of that to add here too because the recipe is so tasty and with homemade stock it is even better than normal risotto. So. Much. Flavour. 

Here are pictures of said stock before and after heating. I particularly love that you can see the layer of solidified fat on the top. 

stock topwarm stock

*celery contains mannitol but I've found that I tolerate it okay in stock. If you are on elimination, give it a miss.

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