Monday, October 14, 2013

Making garlic oil -FODMAPs recipe

garlic oil close up

I love garlic. With a passion. Alas, garlic does not love me. The belly is most unhappy if I eat too much of it. Too much can be quantified as some these days. So I make garlic oil to use in all my dishes that need a bit of a garlic flavour to help enhance the flavour of my meals. 

I thought it might be something that others might enjoy/find useful so I thought I'd write it down for future reference. 

It's also important to not leave cloves of raw garlic infusing in oil as you would with other infused oils. There is a risk of botulism. Which is why you do the following:
  1. Get 100ml or so of your oil of choice and put it in a pan
  2. Add a few cloves of garlic. If you need specifics, add 5
  3. Fry those little cloves until they are nice and brown, 5-10 minutes is recommended to kill off bacteria, nice and hot. 
  4. Let the oil cool and then remove the cloves and decant your oil into an old oil bottle that you have sitting around. Obviously you can use any container you want, but we go through olive oil relatively quickly, so we have a bottle set aside reasonably frequently
  5. Profit!  and/or garlic oil for your consumption and delight
garlic oil

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