Friday, January 05, 2007


So, I've returned to the nation's capital. My flies are going great guns and I'm probably starting on my introduction today. But I just feel bleh. Today I would much rather just lie on the couch all day watching crappy infomercial television and then tidy my room. But, I'm at work, trying to psych myself up for the day ahead. I'm not sure if my new year's flatness is due to returning to Canberra/leaving Melbourne, or whether it's a general life grump I've got going on. It could just be PMS. Let's hope for that and move on.

When I'm feeling less flat, dejected and grumpy, I'll tell you about Xmas and New Year's and all that jazz. Right now, the fly room awaits and my iPod will be with me. I do not need to interact with people today.

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