Tuesday, January 09, 2007

why living in canberra sucks

The boy had a migraine on Friday. He was so bad, he ended up in hospital. He was so bad they thought he had meningitis. He had a lumbar puncture, morphine, spent 11 hours in hospital. He was still feeling shitty today. He went to the doctor. The doctor was so worried about him, they sent him to the hospital in a taxi, with a cab charge. He's there now, doped up to the eyeballs on drugs. The lumbar puncture they gave him didn't seal up again properly and it was making him feel nauseous and dizzy. They are doing something tomorrow to fix him up and he should be able to go home. I hate living so far away from him. Not that I could have done much more than his housemate, Val, has done. He took the boy to the hospital on Friday and picked him up again. He's going to pick him up tomorrow. But I just wish I was there. I'm a little bit over the whole 'long distance relationship'. I'm also a bit over share house living, but that's another story.
Living in Canberra sucks.


Jen said...

Hey Kate, That sounds awful, I hope he's feeling better now. Nothing like a CSF leak headache to make you feel like shit. Love Jen xo

scientician said...

yeah, better now, except for a sore, stiff back. Fingers crossed he'll be all better by the weekend. He will have been sick for a week and a day! Poor bugger. Thanks for the concern. Hope all is well with you.

Danny said...

Whoa. That's terrible. Talk about a bad run lately...and it's doubly sucky that you're over there. My sympathies.