Monday, March 17, 2014

On travel and illness and the small girl with the Darth Vader voice

We are just home after a month in Australia. The trip home was epic. It included the following features to make it as memorable as possible :

  • I was travelling solo with the wee one (TWO)
  • my period started the afternoon before we flew out
  • we were delayed in Abu Dhabi for 18 hours
  • TWO vomited on the flight just before we landed in Amsterdam
  • the whole thing took 44 hours
The good news is that we are home safe and sound. TWO has unfortunately picked up some kind of respiratory infection and is currently wheezing in her sleep next to me on the couch. She has been sounding like Darth Vader since last night, which also included a fever and very little sleep.

What a delightful welcome home to Sweden. 

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