Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A knitted carrot and potato - a knitting commission

The back story:

Two friends of mine were in New Orleans around the time of the girl's birthday. The boy was buying lots and lots of music and the girl said "At this rate, you'll only be able to afford a carrot and potato for my birthday."

Lo and behold, on her birthday she was presented with a delightfully wrapped gift box, containing a carrot and potato.

Since then that gift theme has been reproduced at various time points. 

The commission: 

The boy cornered me at a PhD dissertation party in late November and asked if I could knit a carrot and potato for the girl for Christmas. I was enthusiastic about the project and went about getting it sorted. 

The execution: 

I found a tutorial for both the potato and the carrot. I also found some orange yarn in a shop, and brown and green yarn in my stash to knit them up. 

They were fun to make and very quick. I am most pleased with the outcome. Moreso with the carrot than the potato, but the potato did its job in looking vaguely potato like.

I was reliably informed that they were well received and I am really glad to have been able to bring a bit of fun to them at Christmas. 

Here you can see the finished products. I can see myself getting involved in making more fruit and veg in the future. Maybe some apples and pears, seeing as I can't eat them anymore.  

carrot and potato 2

carrot and potato

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