Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crayon rolling

crayon roll inside

My newest go to gift for the toddler set has to be crayon/pencil rolls. I enjoy the process of choosing which of my scraps of fabric are going to be used. It's a bit like the principle I apply with the burp cloths I make for newborn babies. You don't need much fabric and end up with something functional and pretty. 

I made a whole bunch of them as gifts for three year olds on our trip back to Australia. But the one I wanted to show you today was for a friend's daughter, living in Seattle.

I bought the fabric initially as a remnant to make a wheat bag for my running buddy. I used what was left from that to make a knitting roll as part of a craft swap with my friend. There was just enough to make the matching crayon roll for her daughter. 

crayon roll rolled

I really enjoyed this one because I added a layer of fleece in the middle and quilted it together with some turquoise thread. 

crayon roll back

I am reliably informed that it gets a lot of use, especially when they are travelling. 

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Christie. said...

The toddler in Seattle was a big fan, too! X.