Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was walking to dancing last night. It's about a 20 minute walk, over a couple of hills. As I got to the top of the first hill, what did I see before me, but an elk. A freaking elk walking down the street. It was huge!

For those not familiar with elk, here is what one looks like.


Anonymous said...

are they common? did you go "Elk! Eek!"?

Anonymous said...

IS this the one you saw? It looks very friendly. It is a bit like my morning when I saw a mob of kangaroos, bounding down the street in front on the school.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I actually think the animal on the pgoto is a moose - even better than elk!

scientician said...

Actually, in Sweden, what in North America is called a moose is an elk. It's a fabulously confusing thing. Here it is explained :


Anonymous said...

damn thats a sexy moose/elk? what's the difference ? so you say you go to sweden to work and then you go to coworkers houses all day and eat lollies and chips. I think you just wanted a holiday !!! I hope you're having a fun time Mrs Burgemister
from jan and alex