Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I quite regularly check out the Age website. I like seeing what's making news in my hometown of Melbourne. I like to have a look at the most viewed articles section at the bottom of the page. But there aren't just the most viewed articles from the age, there are also the most viewed articles from the brisbane times and also the sydney morning herald. I've noticed a trend. The articles most viewed in the bris times are inevitably of the more sensational variety. I wonder if that says something about people in Brisbane, or whether it says something about my prejudices. Probably a bit of both. But I do wonder about that. Why do those up north more reguarly click on the articles with the least intellectual content? Like the stuff about Lara Bingle getting engaged, or the latest Britney Spears scandal (like we give a toss).

The thesis work obviously continues apace. Back to it.

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD, I have observed the same trend in the Courier Mail - crappy sensationalist articles. I noticed this in March when we were up there for that wedding. The sad part for me is that I have a great fondness for the C-M and had previously thought it a really good read - my parents have got the Saturday paper since I was a kid, so I grew up reading it. But when I was reading the C-M in March, there was a big bloody article about what Therese Rein was wearing on the PM's 5 week trip overseas. OH MY GOD.

- Princess Kate