Monday, October 15, 2007

back home again

I'm back in Canberra. After 7 weeks away, I'm back. It's much warmer and sunnier here than it was back in August. The lab is much the same. My house is much the same, though currently covered in dirt and dust. Everything is pretty much the way I left it. My brain, however, is not. It is fuzzled and useless. I hate jet lag. So because my brain is addled and I couldn't possibly update you on all that has been going on. I present, some of my favourite pictures of my trip. The ones with the funny names and the one with me drinking an exceptionally large beer.
This is from Gothenburg. It's a chinese restaurant.


Spunk wine gums in Copenhagen.


The call button for a lift in Copenhagen.


Chocolate in Sweden.


Beer drinking Kate

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