Monday, May 14, 2007

Sometimes a scooter isn't great

So this is what happens to iced cupcakes when you have them in the back of your scooter in your top box. They fly around all over the place and get icing everywhere. Looks like there is a lot of cooking for me tonight.
Yep, I'm brining cake into the office for a reason peoples. I'm 27 tomorrow, at 4.32pm, my dad would no doubt point out. So I'm providing cake for morning tea tomorrow. But I think these cakes may end up being eaten today, I'm sure they'll taste alright, but they're not exactly the best looking specimens. Bugger! I was so organised. But not to worry, I shall just be forced into cooking more cake tonight, and icing them once I get into work. Lesson learned.

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woa said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow. I'll give the sheep novel to your mum to read and pass on to you, and then Cassie wants to read it too.
Lamingtons are better than cupcakes for transportation purposes.