Monday, April 30, 2007


I have just been informed by my lovely officemate that I am having too much fun. She has no idea. I am currently sitting here, drinking some coke zero and desperately avoiding doing what I'm supposed to be doing. It's horrible. I am having a crap day for motivation. I seem to have got myself into a sleep pattern that is really really bad. It involves me not being able to get out of bed before 9am, and not being able to sleep until late. Late for me that is, midnight or one. Anyway, I have this chapter introduction to write. I know what has to go in it, I know what I have to write, but can I write it and look up the references? Apparently not.

Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh.

Alright, I shall try and make this coherent. This week should be a busy one for me. There is dancing tonight, tomorrow night, dinner I hope with my cousin on Wednesday (must call her) and then more dancing on Thursday, then pole dancing display night thing on Friday. When I am supposed to eat at home or sleep or get this bloody thing written is beyond me. I really must get onto it.

Thank you blog for reminding me that I have no time to be updating you, I have to get this thing written before Friday or I'm in so much trouble, mostly from myself. I will get right onto it, right now, really.

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start child start!